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Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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A Multilingual Document Editor with Merge and Hoistable ViewPoints.

With Split-Screen Edit Environments, each with two closely synchronized structure and text editing panes, real flexibility is provided with full Content, Outline and ScratchPad views.

The (Lower Screen) ViewPoints feature enables focused editing of document material in isolation from the main views.

ViewPointed material may be Categorized according to theme or topic within an expandable / collapsible tree hierarchy.

Reduce Desktop clutter using the flexibity of ViewPoints and Merge for seemless insitu-editing of material whether whole or part document.

Merge material auto-adopts the final document style and a freely available RTF Plugin supports Export with Numbered Paragraph and Bulllet multilevel List Styles, Section Heading and Paragraph Styles for MS Word.

Edit Environments and external document Merges are Culturally Independent allowing flexible Multilingual Editing.

Documentation may be grouped into expandable / collapsible headed sections (chapters) and multilevels lists to provide a hierarchical document tree.

Merge material may also be expanded / collapsed allowing edit enviroment optimization.

The editor provides easily accessible features for document navigation, annotation entry, hyperlink creation and maintenance.

Context sensitive word and character counts provide tracking for target limited scripts.

Context menu and shortcut key combinations provide for rapid relocation of material between and within document tree levels.

Robust links may be readily established between documents at any level using pre-established unique line identifiers avoiding the need for bookmarks.

Multiple link targets may be rapidly previewed simultaneously as document fragments.

Other freely available extensions include an Import / Export OPML plugin to use Sense as an OPML editor and a Tab/Space Indented plain-text (TXT) Import plugin.

System Requirements:

.NET 2.0 minimum

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